When experience matters,
think Finsana Capital

Our efforts are guided by our principles, which stand at the core of everything we do.

Integrity | Growth | Innovation | Results

Established Investing in Consumer Finance

We invest in people first, followed by opportunities that addresses need, growth potential, and sustained viability.

International Investments

Through a range of private equity opportunities, FinSANA Capital has developed expansive investment opportunities throughout the America’s.

Growth through Innovation

FinSANA Capital has developed a portfolio of investment opportunities that are on the edge of technology within the international fintech marketplace. By leveraging advances in AI and machine learning our portfolio of businesses have optimized their ability for growth and returns.

High Yield Investing

We focus on tech-enabled financial services that can sustain high-growth and generate solid long-term returns

Our People

With key executives coming from banking, investing and operations, Finsana Capital has both advisory and operations capabilities.

Our Insights

Through diverse experience, FinSANA Capital identifies growth opportunities in the financial services sector that produce expanding returns over time

Our Results

Leveraging our expertise and insights produces strong results that helps to build shareholder value.

Through experience and a data driven approach we focus on opportunities with great market potential.


Investments and opportunities that drive returns

Transformative investments start with a strong portfolio that provides our investors with strong yields and great returns. By focusing on high yield financial service opportunities, Finsana Capital has been able to establish emerging brands in multiple markets throughout the America’s.

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