Strategies for Growth

Sector-focused areas like finance and technology with growth-oriented opportunities are at the center of our investment strategies and this has enabled us to develop a scalable and analytical approach to growth.

By incorporating proven business investment methodologies, our use of data and analytics creates a forward-thinking approach to capitalize on new endeavors that maximize growth of our managed investment portfolios. 

Finsana Capital looks for certain business attributes for success.  

Product Market Fit

Starting with identifying the market feasibility, we look to find opportunities with strong growth potential and products that demonstrate long term viability.

Technology & Risk

We recognize advanced AI and machine learning to evaluate consumer applications and how it can benefit customer acquisition in real-time for superior results.

Acquisition & Retention

We identify customer centric platforms that have proven methods for acquisition that include customer engagement and retention.

Our approach to industry and market analysis has allowed us to identify strategic investment opportunities where we have seen strong growth in portfolios under management.

This strategy helps support the development of businesses we invest in and drive growth through insights and expertise that expedite results. 

Some of the growth initiatives include:

  • Product development
  • Strategic alliances
  • Channel development
  • Mergers, acquisitions and expansion

Our proven strategic and operational capabilities combined with our capital and intellectual partners create a competitive advantage to drive growth.